Collaborate Right By Knowing When

Sam Zemurray was a Russian immigrant that came to the U.S. in the early 1900s with nothing. From there he raised an empire, becoming one of the most successful, and powerful, men in America by peddling bananas.“From his first months in America, he was scheming, looking for a way to get ahead. You did not need to be Rockefeller to know the basics of the dream: Start at the bottom, fight your way to the top.” This is precisely what Sam the Banana Man did, he fought his way to the top. Overthrowing South American governments, avoiding the FBI and CIA, and even playing a hand in politics in Louisiana Sam Zemurray built his empire almost entirely on his own. When speaking of success many people in America refer to stories like Sam Zemurray’s. Continue reading “Collaborate Right By Knowing When”

A Simple Technique for Achieving your Goals

People who set goals in life are more likely to get what they want.  The reason is simple. When you set a goal, you are devoting your attention to some future state you want to create.  This focused attention is what allows you to navigate the bombardment of choices and information that come at you each and every day. Instead of getting caught up in the minutia of day to day living, goal oriented people are able to focus on the actions that are going to get them closer to getting what they want.

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