The Challenges and Importance of Creativity


Martin Buber’s philosophical account on life, religion, and identity lends itself to the the creative individual. While the text is considered somewhat existential, and works towards wedding Western religion with Eastern philosophy, the book nevertheless gives alarming insight into art and the creative realm. Buber’s I and Thou challenges readers to work towards self-improvement, and practice living in the now by paying close attention to other “You(s)” around them. Continue reading “The Challenges and Importance of Creativity”

Meditation: An Overlook Into Happiness, Striving, And Practice

“Happiness is a skill.” This sentence resonated most closely with me when combing through the multiple books, articles, and podcasts on meditation. Dan Harris, the author of the quote above and the book 10% Happier, puts the practice of meditation into a very real context by showing how happiness consists of something more akin to a muscle, one which can be trained within the body, than any external object that needs to be obtained.
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