How to hold yourself accountable.


Why do we fail?

Sustained interest, that’s what always gets me. Too often we get fired up to do something, invest our time in research trying to figure out what fundamental tools we need, and then lose interest a few weeks later.

I have a folder full of unfinished writing projects. Why? I ask myself this often and the answer is always the same: Accountability. Continue reading “How to hold yourself accountable.”

Collaborate Right By Knowing When

Sam Zemurray was a Russian immigrant that came to the U.S. in the early 1900s with nothing. From there he raised an empire, becoming one of the most successful, and powerful, men in America by peddling bananas.“From his first months in America, he was scheming, looking for a way to get ahead. You did not need to be Rockefeller to know the basics of the dream: Start at the bottom, fight your way to the top.” This is precisely what Sam the Banana Man did, he fought his way to the top. Overthrowing South American governments, avoiding the FBI and CIA, and even playing a hand in politics in Louisiana Sam Zemurray built his empire almost entirely on his own. When speaking of success many people in America refer to stories like Sam Zemurray’s. Continue reading “Collaborate Right By Knowing When”

The Challenges and Importance of Creativity


Martin Buber’s philosophical account on life, religion, and identity lends itself to the the creative individual. While the text is considered somewhat existential, and works towards wedding Western religion with Eastern philosophy, the book nevertheless gives alarming insight into art and the creative realm. Buber’s I and Thou challenges readers to work towards self-improvement, and practice living in the now by paying close attention to other “You(s)” around them. Continue reading “The Challenges and Importance of Creativity”

The Importance of Failing


Stephen King’s memoir, On Writing, is a valuable reference when looking into both becoming a better writer and person. Combining craft and experience, King supplies a no nonsense approach to writing that removes a lot of the decor surrounding many other books and writer workshops. The bare bones of writing,  this text demands more from readers; in essence it calls for everyone to just sit down and write. Continue reading “The Importance of Failing”

Success Boiled Down to One Element: How John Steinbeck Shows True Grit.

While we don’t always do it, one of the primary goals here at 2brains1mind is to show our readers the inner mechanics that lead many people to success. Focusing on everyone from artists, business people,  hobbyists, and entrepreneurs the point of this site is to try to deconstruct what it is exactly that makes so many successful people, both past and present, good at what they do.

This entry focuses on grit in relation to success, and was inspired by one of Maria Popova’s annotated readings on The most essential component to any successful story is grit, or as I like to refer to it sometimes, showing up. No matter what you’re wanting to accomplish, consistency hands down distances the professionals from amateurs day after day. Sure, a select few individuals might be savants following the footsteps of Wolfgang Mozart who could compose at an age as early as five, but the majority of people, myself included, do not come into possession  of a skill so easily. Continue reading “Success Boiled Down to One Element: How John Steinbeck Shows True Grit.”